Ensure the monitoring and surveillance of common animal diseases and provide appropriate treatment, prevention and control programs to the existing animal population. Promote the control or eradication of Rabies and other Zoonotic diseases affecting both men and animals.


To provide a continuous Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health Service to City of Talisay.


 A Rabies- Free and Animal-friendly environment through the enforcement of existing laws, rules and regulations concerning Rabies Eradication and Control, Disease surveillance and Animal Welfare.


1. Rabies Eradication and Control Program

              – Administration of Anti-Rabies vaccines of dogs and cats.

                    a. by Massive Rabies Vaccination outreach program to

                    b. by walk-in clients

                    c. by home service (4 and up dogs and cats)

              – Conduct of dog impounding within.

                    a. stray dogs as per requested by barangay

                    b. voluntary surrendered dogs (case to case basis – with impounding fee base on Ordinance)

              – Conduct Information Education Campaign on Rabies.

                    a. barangay level

                    b. school level

2. Depopulation Program

              – Perform Spay and Neuter.

                    a. Aspin dogs and Puspin cats

                    b. TNVR (trap, neuter, vaccinate and return)

              – Conduct of dog elimination through Euthanasia.

3. Meat Inspection Services

              – Conduct post abbatoir inspection to meat and meat products in the meat establishment.

              – Conduct investigation, surveillance and confiscation of illegally slaughtered meat and processed meat.

  1. Animal Disease Prevention and Control Program

                   – Conduct of disease surveillance and monitoring.

  2. Veterinary Outreach Program

                   – Veterinary Consultation.

                   – Vaccination, Treatment, Deworming and Vitamins Supplementation.

 1. Issuance of Veterinary Health Certificates

         2. Issuance of Veterinary Clearance.

         3. Assistance for the submission of specimens for rabies testing.

         4. Blood collection for laboratory testing.

         5. Office mandated to implement Republic Act 9482 “Anti-Rabies Act of 2007” and Republic Act 8485 “Animal Welfare Act”.

Massive Rabies Vaccination of Dogs and Cats

Drive Thru Rabies Vaccination

Spay and Neuter of Aspin Dogs and Cats

Dog Adoptation