The talisay city livestock & poultry center is located at lower mohon, talisay city, cebu. This slaughterhouse, confined in a 1.2971 hectares well-fenced land area is a city-owned facility built last December 2002 during the incumbency of Hon. Mayor Eduardo R. Gullas. It started serving the public on May 5, 2005. Its operation answers the fast growing demand for clean and healthy meat in the city. It has its own organizational structure, personnel, functions, objectives, rules and regulations to fully achieve the goals of the establishment pursuant to the City Ordinance No. 2005-17, otherwise known as the Slaughterhouse Ordinance of the City of Talisay.

Recognizing the intervention of modern equipment, semi-mechanized operation and well-maintained sanitation program in the abattoir, the National Meat Inspection Services (NMIS) granted the slaughterhouse a “AA” Accreditation and a “Good Manufacturing Practices” or “GMP” Certification which means that its meat products can be shifted and displayed for sale not only withing the City of Talisay but also anywhere in the Philippines.

It has been observed that the total number of food animals slaughtered daily in the slaughterhouse is rapidly increasing. This is an indication that the city is stronglt competing with its neighbouring cities and municipalities in terms of income gained. With this trend, there is a serious call to implement some strict measures to protect the consumer’s well-being. The slaughterhouse is attached to this call – to – produce healthy and clean meat for all consumers.