To take charge of the Office of Market Operation and Maintenance ensuring that all laws and policies related to efficient and effective provision of the basic services and facilities as stated in Chapter 2, Section 17 of RA 7160 are implemented, to come up with a self-reliant economic enterprise which is responsive and service oriented to the General Public


To develop the Public Market of the City of Talisay towards a better and strong economic enterprise


To be a progressive, environmentally friendly and viable Economic Enterprise of the City of Talisay which is responsive and service oriented to the General Public.


       To professionalize the management and operations of the markets through proper education and training of its management staff in terms of viable service, professionalism, market collection and revenue generation.

To instill to its stakeholders, tenant and the general public the functions and basic operations of the market towards standard and practical, as well as, professional and sound Market Management.

               – Procurement of MOOE/ Office Supplies and Equipments, Preparation of ALOBS
               – Preparation of Annual Procurement Plan
               – Preparation od Payroll
               – Process Application Leave, Travel Orders and Itineraries
               – Preparation of outgoing communications/correspondence
               – Receives and delivers incoming and outgoing documents
               – Issuance of Market Certification for Business Permits
               – Issuance of Market Certification for Electrical and Water connections
               – Issuance of Notice for Market Violations

               – Enforcement of Rules & Regulations in the Market
               – Enforcement of the Market ESWM System (Waste Segregation)
               – Operate Market MRF
               – Issuance of apprehension certificate to vendors
               – Provide Traffic Services
               – Provide Assistance to Market Unit In-charge
               – Issuance of Notice of Violation to Market Vendors
               – Educate vendors regarding their violations (Seminars and Trainings, IEC)
               – Handling Market complaints (Fraudulent weights, etc.)
               – Maintenance and Cleaning of Market premises

               – Assessment of Market Business Permit Fees
               – Appraisal/Assessment of Market Space Rentals
               – Collection of Payments
               – Collection of Parking Fee
               – Cash Ticket Collections
               – Other Market Fees