permits DIVISION

The Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO) issues permits and licenses before establishments can lawfully conduct business in the city.

The issuance of permits and licenses is necessary to ensure that all business activities and transactions are legitimate in order to provide the registered establishments the recognition, regulation and support from the city.



·         Locational Clearance (City Zoning Office)

·         Sanitary Permit (City Health Office)

·         Occupancy Permit (Office of Building Official)

·         Fire Safety Inspection Certificate (Bureau of Fire Protection)

·         ESWM Clearance (Ecological Solid Waste Office)



    Get a copy from the Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO)


     Proceed to Treasury for assessment and computation of fees. Pay the corresponding taxes and fees   


    Present the Official Receipt at permits Section for the issuance of Business Permit.    

Business Renewal – Online Application

Step 1. Type on the address bar the Talisay City Website, “ ” and Press Enter.

Step 2. In the website, please click the “ Online Application “ menu as shown in the image below. And you will be redirected to an online portal for eBPLS Application.

Step 3. In the “” page, please select Sign Up.

Step 3.1 And you will be required to enter your Personal details and active Email account for registration. Then Click the “submit“ button. An email will be sent to your registered email account to verify your registration.

Step 4.  In your Email Account, select from inbox the message sent by City of Talisay.

Step 4.1 Then select the Verify Email Address, as shown below to verify your Registration.

Step 5. Enter your Email and Password and click LOGINbutton.

Step 6. In the Online Application Portal, Select the BPLS menu in the left side.

Step 6.1 Then Enter all required Business Info for the Business Renewal Application and Press Continue, it will proceed to another tab.

Step 6.2 Enter Business Address needed to proceed and click the continue button below.

Step 6.3 Enter the Employee Profile and click the ADD TO LIST for Listing of Employees. Then Click continue to proceed to the next tab.

Step 6.4 Input the Business Activity and click  ADD TO LIST  for Listing of Kind of Business

Step 6.5 Fill in all the necessary details in the Lessor Info tab and Click Continue button to proceed.

Step 6.6 Upload the required Documents for the renewal of business permit and click submit button below.

Step 6.7 Check all inputted data, tick check box and click submit button if all details are correct, otherwise click edit button for changes.

Step 6.8 Then press OK button to complete the transaction.

Step 7. To verify if transaction is completed, Click the Transaction List Menu in the far left side, here you will see your application, active status means your application is completed and subject for review at the Business and Licensing Office and Assessment of fees at the Treasurer’s Office.

Step 8. Once done, click the Settings button at the upper right corner, and then click Logout button to logout your account. Always Logout your Account”

Step 9. You will receive an email once review and assessment is done, attached in the email is the assessment indicated your partial and initial payable amount, you will also see at the bottom your schedule date and time to visit the B.O.S.S. (Business One Stop Shop) Office at the People’s Hall for payment. Print your attached Assessment and bring it to B.O.S.S office.