The Philippines has been known worldwide for its colorful and festive events that take place all year round. Almost every province in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao has its own festival which intends to showcase the province’s history, people, food, local products among others. These festivals are meant to attract tourists, from all over the country as well as people from all over the globe.


Talisay City, one of the most promising cities in the Queen City of the South, Cebu province, also takes pride in its festival. Talisay City is now being recognized as a fast-growing, highly-urbanized city in the Visayas region. It is now being continuously developed as a tourist destination and it has become a popular haven for investors in terms of building top of the line leisure centers, food businesses, and travel facilities. All of these are being done while the city still promises to continue producing high-quality furniture, food products, and other related goods that it has been originally known for.

In relation to the city government’s continuous efforts to boost its tourism, the Halad-Inasal Festival is being celebrated every 15th of October. The festival intends to pay tribute and homage to their patron saint, Sta. Teresa de Avila. “Inasal” is a local term for roasted meat and the Talisaynons want to preserve the local feel of their own version of Lechon while making it popular to the public at the same time.


A ritual showdown and a street dancing competition is showcase during the course of the festival showcasing the artistry and talents of Talisaynons. This year, 9 contingents who came from different schools in Talisay City battle out for the ultimate prize. There are 5 contingents  from elementary category and 4 from high school.


Elementary Category

Since Cebu is considered as a top producer of delectable, superb quality roasted pork or lechon, this served as the inspiration to the people of Talisay City hence, they came up with the Halad-Inasal Festival.


The Halad-Inasal Festival features a parade of Lechons clad in colorful, exquisite costumes while they are transported by elaborately designed floats. The festival, which was initially launched in 2005, four years after Talisay became a city, aims to promote and elevate the Lechon-making industry in the city. This has surely helped to boost the morale of the local Lechon makers and provided a sustainable livelihood to its people.

Now, this may get most people to think about why is it worth to visit Talisay City? For sure other provinces also celebrate festivals that can bring a lot of fun and enjoyment. The answer to the question is simple: Talisay City offers an invigorating, unconventional feel of tourism.


Over the years, since the launching of the Halad-Inasal Festival in 2005, the festival has maintained its simple yet enjoyable attribute. People who have witnessed the said event can attest that it showcases a generous view of the lechon industry of Talisay City. The celebration has also definitely revealed the real cultural character of the city while encouraging its people to practice humility, kind-heartedness, and service to others.


True enough, the Halad-Inasal Festival has been a successful means for the Talisaynons to give thanks to their patron saint. On top of it, they have also highlighted the best of Talisay City and made sure they attract tourists every year as they celebrate the festival. They promise to keep doing their best in advocating for their tourism and their culture.