A city with empowered, viable and socially responsive cooperatives as instruments of equity, social justice and economic development


         To organize, promote and develop a strong and united             cooperative movement in the City of Talisay anchored on                                  the principles of cooperation 

organizational chart


To organize, promote and develop a strong and united cooperative movement in the City of Talisay anchored on the principles of cooperation

To facilitate management and training programs that will provide cooperatives with the entrepreneurial capabilities, managerial expertise, and technical skills required for the efficient operation of their cooperatives and inculcate in them the true spirit of cooperativism

To provide technical and professional assistance, when necessary, to ensure the viability and growth of cooperatives with special concern for agrarian reform, fishery and economically depressed sectors

To facilitate the registration of all cooperatives and their federations and unions with Cooperative Development Authority, including their division, merger, consolidation, dissolution or liquidation

To require all cooperatives to submit a copy of their duly audited annual financial statements and general information sheets

To assist the cooperatives in arranging for financial and other forms of assistance to strengthen their viability and autonomy

To assist cooperatives in establishing linkages with government agencies, cooperative unions and federations, the academe and non-government organizations involved in the promotion and integration of the concept of cooperatives in the livelihood of the people and other community activities

To assist cooperatives in the development and implementation of risk management plans and business continuity plans as a response to anticipated or unexpected man-made and natural calamities and disasters, to aid in their survival and subsequent rehabilitation

To identify groups, sectors or communities that can be organized into cooperatives

To provide assistance to prospective cooperatives in the conduct of the required pre-registration seminar and/or pre-membership education seminar and in the preparation of required documents for registration


CDA Registrations Assistance


Technical Assistance

Linkages with Government Agencies

Benchmarking Mission to LAMAC Coop

Community Development